ITC i-com-unity z.s. (Instructor Training Center) is a virtual ITC operating in five main locations in the Czech Republic.

  • Instructor training
  • Support teachers in the classroom
  • Instructor Professional development

Locations and instructors

BrnoHradec KrálovéOstravaPlzeňPraha 
Matěj Gregr
Vladimír Veselý
Miloslav Penc
Jiří Grygárek 
Pavel Jeníček
 Michal Kostěnec
Michal Petrovič
 Martin Černý

Price training

 CourseDurationPrice without VATMinimum number of participants
 IT Essentials5 day5400,- Kč8
 CCNA R&S5 day5400,- Kč5
 CCNA Security7 day6600,- Kč7
 CCNP10 day8400,- Kč6
 Instructor Fast Track1 day1200,- Kč -

Registration and training dates

Please check czech version site.

  • The activities of ITC i-com-unity z.s. are coordinated with ASC i-com-unity z.s. (Academy Support Center) .
  • Instructor training is not dependent on the location and technique but the geographical availability, a specified schedule and people.
  • Instructor training is carried out according to instructor availability and demand in the locality.
  • In the early members of the ITC establish a joint annual training plan, which is published on the web site i-com-unity .
  • If the group reaches the minimum number of candidates for the exchange rate is realized.
  • If the group reaches the minimum number of candidates for the course does not suit them but no date or location, you can reach ITC with the required date and location (eg a holding in the academy). ITC will attempt to provide this training to the requirements and possibilities of lecturers ITC .
  • The last option designed especially for the implementation of various EU projects apd is the implementation of training according to your requirements and options lecturers ITC with a price corresponding to the minimum number of candidates , with the number of candidates is then no longer relevant.
  • In the event that the applicant holds a valid industry certifications that course and has experience in teaching may undertake an abbreviated training Instructor called Fast Track. Applicants then undergo only the last day of training with practical and theoretical exam, including teach -back .
  • Please Cisco Academie of responsible planning training their teachers in advance.

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